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The story so far.

One Saturday afternoon in the summer of 2007 a computer made the best sound ever. Bing! That was the sound of the first t-shirt sold on the Hairy Baby website. It was music to my ears. Could this possibly be the start of something? Could I prove the numerous bank managers that turned me down for a loan wrong? Armed with a computer, a printer and a bucket load of ideas, I decided to give it a shot. Now 13 years later, the company is going strong and sending t-shirts to Irish people all over the world. Even bank managers.

It was music that originally gave me the inspiration for Hairy Baby. A DJ on the Dublin club scene, I spent most of my Saturdays shopping for records. While I built up my record collection, I also built up a fine collection of t-shirts to wear while playing. But they were all imported brands from the UK and US. So it got me thinking. How cool to have an Irish alternative?
On a ‘brand Irish’ research mission, I visited shops up and down the country to see what was on offer. There was plenty to choose from. But every t-shirt I laid my eyes on was covered in harps, shamrocks and leprechauns. Perfect if you’re selling to Tom Cruise in Far & Away. Surely the country was crying out for something a little less begorrah. That’s when I decided that I was going to create a new range of high quality Irish t-shirts, t-shirts that expressed who we really are.

I originally started out in a tiny office in my home county of Kerry, but as the business started to take off I decided to relocate to Cork. We now have 7 full-time employees and a much fancier office. I even brought my decks for some tunes throughout the day. Most of our time is spent brainstorming ideas, printing t-shirts and arguing the finer points of Tayto crisps. But most of all we love reading posts on social from the handsome divils (a.k.a our customers). That’s where the banter is. The product range has grown over the years too. Mugs, tote bags, posters. Even umbrellas. We’ve also built some great partnerships including Wateford Whispers News, Zig & Zag and Fr. Ted to supply their official merchandise. Up with this sort of thing! 

As for the name, I do get asked about it all the time. And yes, as a baby I did have a massive head of hair that would put Elvis to shame. As a joke, my wife suggested Hairy Baby as a name for the company. Little did she know that it was a joke I would take very seriously. (Sorry Mom).


Daragh Murphy,
Hairy Baby Clothing Company

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