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Hairy Baby Clothing Company

Christmas Post Dates

We know everybody likes to get a HairyBaby tee for Christmas and we want to make sure if you order one it gets delivered in time. With that in mind we've listed some very important dates for you to bear in mind before you place your order. Orders placed after these dates will not be delivered in time for Christmas and we don't want that now do we?


United States/Australia/New Zealand/Rest of World countries - place order before  8am December 7th


All countries of the E.U - place order before 1pm December 8th


For orders with a GB address - place orders before 1pm December 12th


For all orders within the island of Ireland - place order before Midnight December 17th


*please note, all delivery dates are subject to change depending on current workload, check back daily for updates. 
**International mail delivery times are estimates and subject to local postal operator delays 

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