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Hairy Baby News (Dec 2016)


Australia now the biggest export market after the UK

Hairy Baby, the Cork based clothing company, has recorded a significant increase in sales exports since the start of the Christmas season. During November Hairy Baby shipped products to 26 different countries compared to 20 countries in November 2015.

Export sales increased in value by 100% this November. What is most noticeable is that the growth in sales to countries the furthest away has been the strongest. In the last three years, Hairy Baby has shipped orders to 71 countries, as the Irish abroad continue to yearn for a little bit of home.

“Sales to Australia and New Zealand have grown by 200% and 400% respectively which we are delighted with,” said Daragh Murphy, owner of Hairy Baby.

Australia is now the biggest export market after the UK, replacing the USA this November. This year we offered free worldwide shipping on orders over €70 and customers have really responded,” said Murphy. Murphy also confirmed that the weakness of sterling post Brexit has not had an impact on sales to date.

“The UK is our biggest export market and so far our UK sales have grown as fast as our Irish sales. We have had some tough years recently, trading wise, but 2016 looks like being a record for us. We're going to drive on with our plans and initiatives and see where it takes us".


Hairy Baby creates its own Irish themed quirky/humorous graphics and sells them by embellishing apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies and accessories such as mugs and tote bags.

Hairy Baby also holds the worldwide exclusive license for Father Ted merchandise.

Avoiding the stereotypical shamrock, harp and leprechaun clichéd image Hollywood portrays of Ireland, Hairy Baby focuses on the little sayings that you would have to be Irish “to get”.

All products are sold on the Hairy Baby website at as well as at Cork and Dublin airports. For the second year, a pop-up store has opened at the Douglas Shopping Centre.

Hairy Baby was established by Daragh Murphy in 2007. In terms of uniqueness, all Hairy Baby graphics are conceived and designed by Daragh.

What makes Hairy Baby original is its accurate interpretation of Irishisms that customers knowingly relate to. Hairy Baby is dedicated to celebrating what it is to be Irish, our social culture and tribal instincts, our sense of place and the deep social connections with the place we call home. Someone wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with shamrocks and leprechauns may have been to Ireland, but you have to be from Ireland to “get” a t-shirt that says “Did you turn off the immersion?” or “Is maith liom cáca mílís”. The objective of Hairy Baby is to create a brand you can trust to express your Irishness in a way that is cool, a source of pride, in many ways an “in” joke that only those on the inside track get.

Due to the significance of the Irish diaspora, this requirement to express our Irishness is elevated even further. Consequently Hairy Baby has become a most important way for first generation Irish emigrants to express their true identity. That is not to say that Hairy Baby is not for second and third generation Irish living abroad. Far from it. Hairy Baby is for everyone of Irish heritage who wants to deepen that connection beyond the superficial. 


 The Examiner December 7th 2016

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