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Hairy Baby Round-The-World Challenge

To Deliver Irish Humour To All 196 Countries In The World

That's the challenge we are setting ourselves in 2017. 

Nobody is more aware of how far the Irish diaspora travels than the Irish themselves. We all have family and friends living abroad, and though the Irish diaspora may live in all 196 countries in the world, there is only one place we all call home.

Hairy Baby products have travelled to 71 countries from our Little Island base in Cork in the last three years alone, celebrating, as we do, our Irishness in an authentic and personal way. That's a really big deal for us, but we'd like to go a step further. We'd like to follow the Irish diaspora wherever they go, and in doing so fulfill our own pledge, that there are no borders we won't cross to strengthen connections between the Irish diaspora and their families, friends and home.

So to kick on and achieve this, Hairy Baby has set itself the formidable challenge of shipping to every country in the world, and we would love to complete that challenge by St. Patrick's Day 2018.  


We want you to spread the word amongst your family and friends abroad no matter where they are. Be the first to place an order for shipment to a country and we'll record it on our Round-The-World Challenge Gallery Wall right here on this website. Send us a picture beside a local landmark and we'll put that up too. 
Be the first Hairy Baby ambassador in that country and we will send you a special gift certifying that fact. How bad!

HAIRY BABY SPONSORS 80 DAYS: An Exploration Podcast 

We are delighted to announce Hairy Baby will be the Lead Sponsor of the 80 Days Podcast  in 2017. 

80 Days Podcast is dedicated to exploring little-known countries, territories, settlements and cities around the world. It is produced by three Irish friends and self-professed geography and history nerds who are based around the world in three different locations. 

80 Days What the Listeners Say


Having met at Maynooth University, Joe Byrne moved to Switzerland, Mark Boyle to the UK, and Luke Kelly to Hong Kong and they were looking for creative ways of staying in touch and continuing to work on projects together. Inspired by Phileas Fogg's whistle-stop tour of the world, Joe, Luke and Mark decided to take the more leisurely approach, going to one country, city, or territory at a time and finding out as much as they could about each one. Their first season was in 2016 when podcasts were created on such far flung places as Namibia, Alaska, Bhutan and Kowloon Walled City to name but a few. To get their 2017 podcast season off the ground with new features, Joe, Luke and Mark decided to raise some funds by launching a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign. 
We made contact with the lads because their story and ambitions for the 80 Days Podcast compliment Hairy Baby's objectives in taking on its own Round-The-World Challenge. 


Season 2 is going to be more detailed and better than what's gone before, according to Joe Byrne.

"The incredible support we've gotten through our Christmas Kickstarter Campaign has made it realistic to upgrade equipment, carry out some interviews with experts from a number of countries and even do some on-site recording for a few episodes. This wouldn't have been possible without Hairy Baby and the dozens of listeners who chipped in."Season 2 is nearing the end of production and will be released by Easter 2017. "Listeners can look forward to stories from a wide range of places", Luke Kelly added, "including areas with heavy Irish links, like Newfoundland, to less familiar countries including Gambia and Uruguay. We're very excited." 
Though the Kickstarter funding round has closed, you can still make a financial contribution to 80 Days Podcast anytime you purchase their specially commissioned T-Shirt which is only available on this website. 



Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Global Irish Newsletter November 2016 on supporting 80 Days: An Exploration Podcast 
80Days: An Exploration Podcast Website
iTUNES 80Days Podcast link 
Stitcher 80Days Podcast link 



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