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'I Took Some Silage Down In Loughrea' Farmer Michael Mug by HairyBaby

Product Info:
11oz sublimation printed ceramic mug by
*Dishwasher safe up to 65 degrees (so long as you don't boil the hell out of it at 90 degrees or something mad like that it should be fine).

*HairyBaby cannot be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of prolonged exposure to high heat such as that of high degree dishwasher wash cycle.

Some Silage (Mug & Box)


'I Took Some Silage Down In Loughrea' Farmer Michael Mug by HairyBaby

1 X Farmer Michael 11oz Ceramic Mug (white with a black inner)
1 X bespoke Presentation Box


"I took some silage down in Loughrea,

To show the farmers I'm no fool,

I got pleanty money in the back and a new slurry tank,

And I'm sittin at the bar on a stool."



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